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2013 Saw Revenue Growth for Unified Communications and Collaboration Market in India

June 18, 2014

International Data Corporation (IDC) has released data regarding the Unified Communications and Collaboration market in India for 2013. A shift from hardware-based to software based communication solutions are partially to thank for a marginal growth of 3.8 percent in the second half of 2013 as compared to the second half of 2012.

This shift toward software-based communications, according to IDC was due to organizations looking to “get out of vendor lock-ins for hardware infrastructure.”

Growth had much more potential, but due to poor performance from the finance, telecom and manufacturing segments of the market, growth was stunted. The 2014 India elections also had a negative effect on growth, with the government avoiding heavy spending on communications technology.

Out of the three segments on the market, enterprise telephony had a 54 percent share, enterprise collaboration had 34 percent, and the contact center segment had 12 percent.

While still the largest, the enterprise telephony segment of the market had a difficult year in 2013. The first half of the year saw a massive drop of 10 percent. The uptake of Pure IP Telephony saved the segment though, and it did see a 2.9 increase in the second half. This is largely because of the Pure IP Telephony technology, as other technologies still saw a decrease in revenue.

The enterprise collaboration market saw a 3 percent growth in the second half, with much of this growth occurring in the fields of unified messaging, team collaboration, mobility, social media tools, and web & voice conferencing solutions. New policies at enterprises pushing for employees to bring their own devices helped contribute to this growth, and IDC noted that there was a shift away from room-based video solutions toward desktop and mobile solutions.

The smallest market share, yet largest growth, was the contact center segment. This segment of the market saw an increase of 6.5 percent. Growth for the contact center market was influence by the adoption of contact centers within the Ecommerce and Media & Communications segments, and by small to medium businesses. IDC noted that many call center vendors have begun to provide services that are specifically tailored to these small to medium businesses.

IDC stated in their report that “ the need for business collaboration fuels the UC&C market. Proliferation of mobile UC&C, increased emphasis on the contact center customer experience, and the interest in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is another revenue driver for the UC&C market.”

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