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Unified Communications Week in Review

June 14, 2014

There was plenty of news to be had this week in the field of unified communications (UC), and as the concept makes significant changes on the way we work—and in some cases the way we live—there's likely to be plenty more development to come. But making sense of all these developments, and how said developments apply to current operations, can be tough to do. So with a weekend now at hand, we can all take a step back, relax a bit, and pin down how the changes in the UC market affect us all as aided by our Week in Review coverage!

First, we had a look at how UC was changing the concept of the private office. The advance of communications technology allows nearly anyone to have one of these most impressive of status symbols, as users suddenly become able to work from anywhere, at any time. With such flexibility, a user could actually work from a home office, or rent an office in a completely different building and work from there. The tools posed by UC developments make this not just a possibility, but a regular fact of working life.

Next, we took a look at RingCentral's newest investment, a new focus on the enterprise market. To that end, the company is working on new features and applications specifically geared for the larger user, including collaboration tools, mobility systems, and several different editions depending on the enterprise's specific needs at the time. But this isn't the end of the changes at RingCentral; several other  such changes are in the works, set to be rolled out at the pace of “every few months.”

The nature of business communication as a whole occupied our next item, as we looked at how “unified interactions” were fundamentally changing communications in business and making same increasingly more dynamics. This increased dynamism was leading to potential problems afoot for businesses, especially those who got in on the bring your own device (BYOD) movement in terms of employees potentially using personal devices in fashions not covered by company policy. Fields like SMS and merged communications platforms also posed challenges in terms of future development.

Then we examined how to avoid UC missteps. No technology comes without a potential down side, but there are often means to reduce or even eliminate the impact of these down sides on the overall process. There are several points to address, ranging from moving from an older platform to a new one, considering the kinds of devices to use and how said devices will connect to a network, and others that can make or break a UC process.

Finally, we had a look at Infinite Convergence Solutions' new enterprise mobile messaging solution, EMS 7.0. The new version of EMS brought with it several new features, including multimedia capabilities for messages. But it also brought back a variety of popular features, including the ability to provide not only delivery assurance for sent messages, but also security through the complete process of sending messages from one point to another. Since EMS 7.0 is cloud-based, it can readily fit in with any current operation.

That was the week that was in UC, and there was plenty going on in the field. Our global online community was in fine form as it brought back all the information that would shake up the field this week. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest developments, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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