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Unified Communications Redefine the Private Office

June 09, 2014

Communication technology has taken leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially in the form of mobile devices. Specifically, these technologies have combined with lync migration to deliver all of the tools and features that would normally be constrained to an office location into the single handy and portable package of a smartphone. This actually makes it possible for organizations and their leaders to always be accessible, and allows them to take their offices wherever they go.

Microsoft Lync is growing in popularity, largely because it allows users to work the way they want to, where they want to. Unified Communications gain their name from the simple fact that they take multiple input communication sources like E-mail, SMS messaging, voice calls and even video and join them all into a single platform. Not only does this mean that users can access all of these services from a single device, but they can still access these services even if they change over to a separate device. Cloud storage means that they will always have access to the same voicemail, the same documents, and the same group of contacts.

Unified Communications also make it easy to stay in touch with colleagues in any location, whether they are a part of the local office within your company or live and work in an entirely different country or time zone. Lync migration even has handy tools that allow users to set up their hours of availability, which makes it easy for those from other time zones to tell when it will be rude to call. Of course, this list is constantly updated, according to the time zone of the user, so it will remain up to date even while travelling.

Finally, it also provides a way to access almost any resource imaginable. Microsoft Lync supports everything from simple files, like documents and presentations to highly complex pieces of big data, without the need to go to a specific server or location to process the data. This allows users to truly manage their own time and increase their flexibility. In the long run, this saves massive amounts of both time and money. With all of these convenient and cost-effective strategies available, it's no wonder that Lync migration is steadily growing.


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