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Mindjet Unveils MindManager Meetings Jetpack to Streamline Meetings

June 02, 2014

It is widely believed that most meetings are not effective in solving problems and can prove a waste of time. This is due to poor planning and execution.

Mindjet an enterprise SaaS platform for innovation management has released the MindManager Meetings Jetpack for business users. This solution comprised of tools, templates and tips that can enhance meetings making them more collaborative, efficient, and action-oriented. MindManager Meetings Jetpack helps businesses and teams to streamline the meeting process.

MindManager assists organizations with its brainstorming and mind mapping software. It is also used for ideation, project planning, executing on collaborative team ideas, and in managing huge volumes of information.

The MindManager map feature available in the new MindManager Meetings Jetpack provides templates that can catalyze all types of meetings. Using the Jetpack templates, teams can capture and organize ideas, make action plans and solve problems more effectively. This helps businesses to make meaningful connections, and take action based on priorities.

The presence of eight new MindManager map templates serve as starting points for most meeting types. Teams can capture and organize ideas and develop action plans accordingly. This enables teams to solve problems faster.

The MindManager map allows individuals and teams to map ideas and information visually, based on a starting central idea or topic. This is expanded using subtopics or “branches” producing a MindManager map. The MindManager map forms a diagram that effectively conveys the creator’s thoughts as well as interactive embedded data, live hyperlinks, collaboration capabilities, project management features and so on.

The icons featured in the MindManager, offer greater clarity and helps in creating effective agendas. Ideas can be conveyed quickly so that it becomes easier to avoid information overload. This makes it easier to conduct meetings without hurdles.

The MindManager Meetings Jetpack resource guide which forms part of the solution, guides users through the various resources in the Jetpack, in an easy to follow step-by-step format. This helps plan and run successful meetings. The Meetings Jetpack is compatible with MindManager 14 for Windows and MindManager 10 for Mac.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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