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FluentStream UC Phone System Set to Revolutionize Enterprise Branch Network

May 28, 2014

Cloud, infrastructure application as service (IaaS) and software application as service (SaaS) are the most sought-after technology services among enterprises these days, as these technologies empower them with more efficiency and optimization.

Utilizing these technologies to provide enterprises with flexibility in price, protocol, and phone solution management systems is the FluentStream business unified communications (UC) solution from Denver-based FluentStream Technologies.

According to the company, its FluentStream is a cloud-based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) business phone solution with authentic bundle of infrastructure application as service (IaaS) and software application as service (SaaS).

With the help of these technologies, FluentStream has started an enterprise branch network revolution, because phone networking in FluentStream is expected to take business communications to the next level.

Available at $34.99 per month for single user plan, the FluentStream software-centric business-to-business (B2B) cloud-delivered service is bundled with key communication features, such as auto attendant, call detail records, call groups, caller ID, call recording/transfer, conference bridge, SMS, Web phone, voicemail, et al, which makes the solution very appealing for enterprises of any size.

With access to an incredible range of IaaS and SaaS support from FluentStream, B2B customers will be able to customize phone delivery and application features to meet current and growth stages in business transformation.

Eliminating the need for analog lines, on-premise infrastructure/PBX, or other circuit network configuration, the Web-based cloud platform of FluentStream will host B2B clients better than any other unified communications solution, said the company.

In addition, the FluentStream online portal – the FluentCloud – provides users with an intelligent technological interface with dashboard account features for creation of direct phone numbers, extensions, call routing, and a number of other hosted features.

Supported by tier 4 data centers, the FluentCloud includes IaaS supplied to B2B clients. In addition, the data backup, infrared hand-print scanner security, multiple ISP connects, enterprise systems firewall interface, and unified communications operating systems in IaaS make network technician administration and monitoring of a company’s phone system a matter of customer support interface.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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