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iCore Delivers Unified Communications Services for Pennrose Real Estate Company

May 22, 2014

iCore Networks, a specialist in cloud computing, applications on demand and a provider of cloud-based hosted application services has delivered robust unified communications services to Pennrose, a real estate firm.

Philadelphia-based Pennrose is a large-scale multifamily development and residential property management company which employees about 400 people. It was not able to optimally manage multiple providers, phone equipment and network set ups in its more than 160 office locations.

The company was in need of a communications solution that can help maintain multi-location and multi-property network infrastructure cost effectively.

iCore delivered a customized and unified solution that reduced equipment and maintenance costs significantly. iCore also consolidated and unified all the Pennrose locations. With minimum downtime iCore installed 90 phones within two hours at the Pennrose property support center location.

The CloudFUZN unified communications solution from iCore seamlessly virtualizes offices in the cloud and delivers all end user capabilities at a lesser cost than what will be incurred in maintaining in house systems. In addition to optimizing such multi-location installations, iCore’s project management team has helped Pennrose expand with more new sites besides porting over existing sites consuming less time.

iCore also took care of Pennrose’s need to make consistent installations and deployments quickly and in maintaining copper phone lines. Pennrose is now able to remotely resolve issues by leveraging the iCore’s data center or portal. All the phone lines are maintained by iCore remotely, said officials.

Also, the iCore phone can be easily connected at any of Pennrose’s properties without the need for additional configuration or static IP information. All the cloud-based iCore solutions are flexible and scalable, capable of growing with the company. iCore’s experience from serving large property management and real estate development companies has helped it provide Pennrose with optimized timely solutions.

iCore Networks has identified the burgeoning markets in the United States for its cloud-based solutions that offer huge business opportunities. The company opened three new facilities over the past year in Atlanta, San Francisco and most recently in Philadelphia. In the process, the company reportedly created over 100 new jobs. The recent opening of its Philadelphia facility allowed iCore to hire 25 new employees. Very soon the company is going to open offices in Boston and New York.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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