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Intellinote's New User Interface Unifies Workspaces

April 14, 2014

The importance of collaboration and productivity in a workplace cannot be stressed enough, and companies the world over are doing all they can to get work done easier and faster and enhance interaction by sharing ideas, information and observations in a broader way. Intellinote, a cloud workspace for individuals and teams, acceding to the requests of its growing customer community, has revamped its user interface (UI) and given it a functional direction.

The overhauled UI provides users with a clean, modern interface, a revised layout and a new color scheme that promises to increase Intellinote’s usability and responsiveness, tremendously.

"We’ve enhanced Intellinote to make getting work done as intuitive, enjoyable and intelligent as possible," said Tony Lopresti, co-founder and CEO at Intellinote.

For starters, it has released a redesigned user interface that unifies workspaces. That means it’s easier than ever to view and access different user workspaces, projects, discussions and information all from a single pane.  

Everyone knows the extent of disparate information that is siloed in workplaces. With the recent enhancement, Intellinote will now be able to store and categorize information in a centralized space, allowing everyone in the organization to work and collaborate better.

But work in an organization is not only about workspaces, it’s also about work moving on its own conveyor belt without any obstacles. This can happen only when schedules move on oiled wheels with no glitches. Intellinote’s calendar feature not only provides visibility into tasks and due dates but also intuitive scheduling capabilities that allows tasks to proceed unhindered.

And, with a control center thrown in for good measure, managers and administrators can centralize control, making role-based access management and enterprise security, a breeze.

“Intellinote’s new interface makes the process of completing work efficiently even easier. We’re now able to manage cross-functional projects and collaborative processes while building knowledge libraries from anywhere, anytime, from any device,” noted Dan Picker, CTO of PureWave Networks, an Intellinote customer.

The new UI appears to be the beginning of many new features that will be incorporated in 2014, for Intellinote seems eager to respond to requests from the many SMBs and Fortune 500 companies that use it to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their workforces.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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