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Mutare Introduces New EVM3 Unified Messaging Application

April 03, 2014

Mutare, an independent software developer, recently launched its next generation unified messaging application, EVM3.

The newly introduced EVM3 allows message delivery to email, IM, SMS and smartphone app. The application features giSTT Voice to Text, which enables users to read voice messages without logging in.

Officials claim that EVM3 also supports Visual Voicemail, greetings, and message consolidation.

“EVM provides incredible business value by converting voice messages to text and delivering them to email, IM, SMS, and CRM systems for easier management and faster response,” said Scott Brown, Director of Sales, in a press statement.

Most of the time, around 80 percent of business calls goes to voicemail, where they sit for hours, before the user gets a chance to dial in or listen. The next-generation EVM3, with voice-to-text solves all these problems. Now, a user can discreetly check and respond to messages while in meetings, on the go and in noisy areas.

Available immediately on a subscription basis through Mutare’s network of over 150 resellers worldwide, EVM3 offers a sound file attachment along with text transcription or, alternately, can stream the message so there is no local storage of data.

Users, with the help of the EVM3 mobile app are also provided with a scrolling visual voicemail display of their messages on their smartphones as well as business/cellular voice message consolidation with quick greeting changer capabilities.

Using the EVM3’s control links, users can also remotely manage the contents of their voice mailbox with a click.

Additionally, the mobile application is clientless and thus requires no desktop software IMAP4 mailbox to configure. It works with virtually all enterprise voicemail systems, email programs, and Internet-enabled devices, said the officials.

A few months ago, unified communications revealed that Mutare has announced professional service and design support services for analytics and reporting on Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce.com and Genesys contact center platforms.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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