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CommLogik Brings Value-added UC Technology to Latin America

April 03, 2014

At U.S. based technology shows, which are often dominated by North American companies, it’s easy to forget that the U.S. and Canada don’t represent all of the Americas. Technology opportunities, particularly in the unified communications and contact center space, are in high growth mode in Latin America, as well. At the recent ITEXPO East event held in Miami in January, unified communications’s Peter Bernstein spoke with Kevin Fox of value-added communications technology distributor CommLogik. The Miami-based company works in the U.S. and Latin America and offers solutions in IP telephony, contact centers, unified communications, and Microsoft Lync.

“CommLogik is a value-added distributor focused on Latin America. We have an emphasis on communications, where we sell through partners in order to help their customers enable UC technologies,” said Fox. “We bring together all of the fundamental delivery elements within the UC platform, which includes video conferencing, connectivity, contact center, IP telephony and all the endpoints and the service required to integrate all these technologies.”

CommLogik has had a lot of success around the UC and collaboration technology Microsoft Lync, Fox noted. The company is the only gold partner of Lync that offers value-added distribution services in Latin America, and Miami, where the company is headquartered, is a true gateway to that region.

“We’re seeing some real acceleration in the adoption of UC [in Latin America],” said Fox. “Around our Microsoft Lync platform specifically, there was a disconnect between the Microsoft offering and the partners’ ability to adopt that offering and accelerate that time to market. Many of the partners that participate in the Microsoft ecosystem don’t really have a practice around communications. They come from the professional services, Exchange, Active Directory and Sharepoint – all the traditional Microsoft technologies, and Lync is a real interesting play for Microsoft and it’s been difficult for them to really get their partners to participate.”

Fox notes that one of the biggest trends CommLogik is seeing right now that wasn’t so obvious last year is a jumping into the Lync business, and the company is well positioned to be able to assist companies with that process. Contact centers in Latin America are taking advantage of the company’s Lync services, in particular through CommLogik’s distribution relationship with call center platform solutions provider Interactive Intelligence, which has excellent interoperability with Microsoft Lync.

“Even though we’re starting to see more companies interested in their contact centers participating in the Microsoft offering, it still requires some integration, but we’re starting a see a lot of that interoperability play out a little bit more,” concluded Fox.

For more information about ITEXPO Miami or the upcoming Las Vegas event in August, click here.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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