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SimpleSignal Reveals Unified Tech of the Future Today

March 25, 2014

SimpleSignal is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based voice, video, mobility and collaboration services. The company integrates directly into workflow and applications – with more than 2,000 businesses using its services and more than 60,000 end points.

When it comes to the hot trend of mobile, “That’s one of the coolest things that’s happened to us, but is also one of the most complex,” Dave Gilbert, SimpleSignal’s CEO, also known as the “Big Cheese,” told TMC’s Rachel Ramsey during an interview at ITEXPO Miami.

Now with the mobile world, communications can be made simpler than to run many modalities.

“Because now we’re getting calls on our iPads, we’re getting calls on our phones, we’re getting calls on the phone that’s on your desk,” he added. “And we need to somehow unify all of that so you are not having to check all of these devices, just to check your voicemail.”

So it now comes all into one place: the inbox. “You can even read your messages and not have to sit there and listen to them all – to have to get to the one you really wanted to hear,” he explained.

In addition, Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano, a boutique marketing consultancy, noted that when he uses SimpleSignal, when he needs to talk to someone he is able to quickly locate them and find their status within many different clients.

“I’ve thrown away the desk phone,” he adds. “I’ve gone mobile…So when I leave my office and go on the road, my office is with me. My contacts are with me…My ability to reach people…is with me, not stuck on some old idea of a desk phone. And it’s on my laptop; it’s on my tablet…I have unification of all of my services.”

That means he can do a one-on-one or a group video call, using the technology, or even use a theater approach – involving some 20 people from two companies.

Looking ahead, Gilbert said he sees WebRTC (real-time communications) as something which can be both good and bad – much like fire. “So we have to treat it carefully. But it’s coming at us. That genie is out of the bottle,” Gilbert said. From his vantage point, Abramson says WebRTC will allow for more collaboration, bringing together different people, and using a dashboard and getting real-time data. That will lead to SimpleSignal selling more services and matching up a lot more services.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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