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Kontiki's Enterprise Video Suite Recognized as Ready for Deployment

March 24, 2014

Kontiki recently announced that its Enterprise Video Suite is one of the top solutions when it comes to cloud-based enterprise video applications and delivery. The solution is the only full-featured and scalable enterprise video platform that provides unlimited video utilization as well as a whole range of capabilities for pervasive internal video. Kontiki is a provider of cloud-based enterprise video solutions.

The Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite does not require any hardware or bandwidth upgrades and offers benefits far beyond those offered by hybrid solutions. The cloud-based solution leverages the enterprise’s existing network infrastructure without disrupting business critical traffic and proprietary delivery technology in order to distribute flawless video across the extended enterprise.

Some of the key benefits of the suite include high quality video which is streamed directly to the desktop; scalability by updating changes frequently; rapid deployment in weeks which is 75 percent faster than hybrid solutions; subscription-based pricing with economical alternative at half the cost of hybrid solutions.

Dan Vetras, president and chief executive officer of Kontiki, said, “I recently read someone paid over $9 million for a hybrid solution. It’s a travesty that anyone should pay that much money, when they can have a much better solution, deployed in one fourth of the time, for less than half the cost with Kontiki.”

The Enterprise Video Suite applications consists of Kontiki Webcaster; Kontiki MediaCenter an enterprise video portal; Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync broadcasts live and pre-recorded videos; Kontiki ECDN provides distribution of HD-quality for both live and on-demand videos; and Kontiki Analytics provides reports on consumption and delivery information through an intuitive user interface.

The suite can also be managed through a single vendor, be fully integrated with a wide range of applications and can be easily integrated with other top third-party enterprise tools. The suite will also provide unlimited usage of self-service applications irrespective of location and device ,complete security for all video assets and is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

The suite also includes Kontiki Broadcast Readiness; Kontiki Stream for Chatter which is integration with SalesForce Chatter for organizing, inviting and implementing video events from within the Chatter; Kontiki Video Web Parts for SharePoint; and Kontiki Connect delivers pervasive use of video across the enterprise.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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