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Toyo/ENPPI Uses Polycom Video Conferencing Systems for Better Enterprise Collaboration

March 18, 2014

Toyo, the Japanese engineering giant, and ENPPI, one of the Middle East’s leading engineering organizations, have signed a deal that enables a Polycom High definition (HD) Video Conferencing solution in Cairo and Alexandria to enable faster communication between its two sites and reduces Internet costs.

Mohammed Al-Desouky, IT Manager at Toyo/ENPPI JV, said in a statement, “Most of our services are cloud hosted. So we needed a solution that would optimise bandwidth use and enable our own VoIP systems to integrate with the new communications system and accept/send calls to mobile phones not just over the Internet but also on the GSM voice network.”

Under this collaboration, Toyo/ENPPI has to work with and consult teams in Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria), India (Mumbai), and Japan (Tokyo).

Additionally, the management and team at the joint venture also had to collaborate with several suppliers around the globe. This made communication essential and critical.

Polycom HDX Video Conferencing units offer the Toyo/ENPPI project team the ability to communicate using half the bandwidth other brands needed for the same quality settings.

 Toyo/ENPPI has picked Polycom as the most favorable brand because it satisfied all its business and technical needs. He added, “Arkan’s pre-sales team knew and understood our needs and provided the right solution for us to implement. I was given strong pre-sales and technical support from Arkan and FVC. It was important for us to have strong vender support with such a critical system.”

The  team allowed office Internet lease from SDSL to ADSL, which saved the company over 80 percent of its annual Internet cost.

“The new system has met all our goals, from establishing reliable and efficient video/audio conferencing communications to minimizing our Internet costs,” added Al-Desouky. “The entire system is managed by one person on site at each office.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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