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ClearOne's Video Collaboration Solution Looks to Boost SMBs

March 17, 2014

Committed to closing the gap between small and large businesses by allowing video collaboration to become ubiquitous without the complexity and prohibitive costs, ClearOne has come up with a single, 1U server unit solution - COLLABORATE Control – an advanced yet easy-to-use solution that spans the entire range of SMB video conferencing needs from mobile to desktop to conference room and infrastructure.

Designed specifically with SMBs in mind, this new on-premise solution adopts a standards-based approach, provides total compatibility with existing equipment, optimizing the video conferencing experience for them. And, what’s more, the new portfolio provides features not found in competing solutions.

"The ability for a customer to deploy a fully functional video collaboration network has always been hindered by the expensive and complex network and infrastructure needed," said David Moss, vice president of Video Collaboration Products and Services, adding, "ClearOne is delivering on our customers' needs with solutions that are easy to acquire, use and maintain."

Although COLLABORATE Control delivers from a single console, it includes an embedded COLLABORATE Central, a full-feature management tool that centrally manages and administers bandwidth requirement for each endpoint, with billing and reporting capabilities as well, while providing full video telephony features.

COLLABORATE Control thus enables live streaming of point-to-point or multipoint conferences, delivers video network management and total gateway functionality for legacy and advanced technologies, securely and optimally.

ClearOne’s  solution allows users to invite participants, schedule and moderate conferences, monitor status, remove and add participants– In short, do everything that is possible with the typical video conferencing infrastructure– but from a single console.

General release of COLLABORATE Control is slated for May 1, with prices starting at $9,999.00 for 200 registered users with 25 concurrent users.

Small and medium sized businesses need to be able to compete with larger enterprises if they are to level the playing field, and ClearOne appears to be giving them an opportunity to do so. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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