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'New Way to Work' Index Reveals 6 Habits of Highly Successful Teams

March 13, 2014

Unify, a communications software and services firm that went by Siemens Enterprise Communications up until recently, has released a new research series titled, “Unify New Way to Work Index” based on data from global business executives from over 25 countries.

According to Unify CEO Dean Douglas, the ‘New Way to Work’ in part revolves around business leaders emphasizing the creation of new strategies for communications and collaboration systems, as well as IT infrastructure. He added that 2014 is the year that the ‘New Way to Work’ will be prioritized for investments by C-level executives. As such, Unify is investing in research, technology and partnerships in order to lead the industry during this transformation.

"Increasingly, work today is remote, mobile, and distributed and we're on track to see 1.3 billion virtual team members join the global workforce by 2015," said Douglas in a statement. "Even with advances in technology to meet the needs of 'anywhere workers,' many organizations find themselves mired in fragmented systems, with frustrated users and missed opportunities.  As a trusted advisor to customers around the world, Unify is taking a leadership role to understand the issues and help companies create a plan for the New Way to Work that brings a transformation to their entire enterprise."

According to the Index, 94 percent of executives work with virtual team members, clearly indicating an uptick in the mobile and global workforce. In order to cope with this new method of work, companies need solutions that can enhance productivity and collaboration across multiple platforms.

Meanwhile, individual employees should adhere to what Unify has identified as the “six habits of highly successful teams.” These include not letting distance get in the way, collaborating freely regardless of location, being more personable in terms of habits, reaching out across locations, emphasizing dialog over monolog, and holding more focused meetings.

For more details on the research findings check out the infographic below.

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