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Megaleads' Mega Tracker B2B Website Caller-ID Application Makes Its Debut

March 07, 2014

Megaleads announced the successful debut of its latest product Mega Tracker in February 2014. Mega Tracker is being promoted as one of the most cost efficient business to business (B2B) website caller-id applications that is currently available on the market. Apart from this, the company has also introduced a low cost month-to-month billing model for the new software, which has made Mega Tracker an instant success by helping the company capture new clients.

In a release, founder and CEO of Megaleads, Jim Alamia, said “Reverse IP technology will create an entire new market for business sales professionals in the digital arena. Mega Tracker is extremely user friendly and we took measures to ensure that all new customers understand and are able to master the new product that is Mega Tracker with the B2B Leads Toolkit. We spent countless hours creating Mega Tracker and those looking to make a dent in the digital arena will utilize this reverse IP technology to capture fresh leads in real time and build their pipelines for their business.”

The company also announced a B2B Leads Toolkit for every new customer for Mega Tracker, which includes a free trial, free white paper about the emerging trends in the reverse IP technology, and a free demo of the software. The toolkit does not require any credit card commitment. The unique launch strategy along with the unique pricing method has enabled Mega Tracker to register instant success in the market.

In a move to attract more new clients, the company has updated its website with a FAQ page exclusively for Mega Tracker featuring a first viral video of Mega Tracker. The video provides a detailed explanation of the new Website Called ID application.

Megaleads is engaged in providing B2B and B2C marketing and database management solutions such as email campaigns, email appending services, email data hygiene management, and Internet marketing services. The company is also a pioneer in reverse IP lead generation technology with the launch of Mega Tracker, the website caller-id application targeted for online marketing services. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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