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Telenity Intros CanVAS Transformation Consolidated Messaging, VAS Solution

February 26, 2014

Telenity, a provider of communications network services and solutions, has launched CanVAS Transformation, a consolidated messaging and value added services (VAS) solution.

Ilhan Bagoren, CEO at Telenity, explained, “With CanVAS Transformation, mobile network operators will not only be able to increase their operational efficiency with legacy mobile services, but will be empowered with an ultra-flexible NFV-ready service creation, service delivery and capability exposure environment for the next generation of value added services geared for all-IP networks, such as Evolved Packet Core and IMS.”

The new solution is expected to optimize deployment, operations, unified provisioning, configuration and maintenance. It will enable shared licensing for core messaging capabilities and value added services.

Using CanVAS Transformation mobile operators can simplify their network structure and business operations. This in turn ensures smooth migration to all-IP mobile networks. As 3G/4G/LTE deployments are becoming ubiquitous mobile operators are trying to move beyond traditional messaging services.

Operators are beginning to seek environments that allow them to upgrade from SMS, MMS, USSD and other legacy value-added services like mobile collect call, missed call notification and voicemail. This new offering from Telenity will feature a cost effective and simple future-proof solution that will enable migration to next-generation network architectures.

CanVAS Transformation will help mobile operator services to leverage a virtualized hardware infrastructure using COTS components, shared media and signaling servers so that dependency on specialized network appliances is avoided.

The unified provisioning, configuration, maintenance and shared licensing functions that are common to all messaging and VAS services featured in the new solution will help operators achieve easy transformation. Also the orchestration layer that enables simple service deployments, updates and activations enables CanVAS Transformation to deliver an optimum environment that is based on network function virtualization (NFV) design approach.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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