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Portugal's ZON OPTIMUS Selects Acision Fusion

February 25, 2014

ZON OPTIMUS, a carrier of mobile services in Portugal, has selected Acision Fusion as its convergent messaging platform.

Acision Fusion is a consolidated messaging platform, which enables mobile operators to move away from fragmented, silo approaches to deploying Value Add Service (VAS) systems and replace them with a single, converged solution.

For operators, this reduces the cost and complexity of their VAS infrastructure, while also enabling the rapid development and deployment of new, seamless IP services such as rich messaging and RCS, alongside SMS, MMS and voice messaging.

Acision Fusion enables MMS interworking, so RCS users can share pictures and videos to those not RCS enabled.

Acision Fusion will initially provide state-of-the-art MMS messaging to ZON OPTIMUS.

Acision Fusion provides a modular architecture not only to efficiently and effectively handle a variety of messaging scenarios, including MMS, but also offers ZON OPTIMUS a superior messaging experience for  users, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership and enabling new revenue streams.

ZON OPTIMUS will now also be able to easily adapt to regulatory changes, introduce value added security and additional privacy features across its messaging portfolio.

The platform will provide uniform reporting and management as well as give valuable business insights in network activity.

Glen Murray, general manager  and senior vice president for Europe and Russia, Acision, said that today it is essential for operators to deliver superior quality messaging and media content regardless of network or device, and Acision Fusion provides the best platform on the market to do this.

Murray said that by deploying Acision Fusion, operators like ZON OPTIMUS can provide unparalleled communication services, which not only increase customer satisfaction but also drive new revenue and profitability by stimulating service usage.

“Additionally, operators can continue to accommodate growing traffic streams as well as launch innovative, new services, which all in all generate revenues and boost consumer loyalty," said Murray.

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