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Panasonic Unveils New Business Communication Server Ideal for Oman Market

February 21, 2014

Every enterprise, irrespective of size and geographical location, has unique business requirements. So, communication servers used by enterprises should be capable of providing solutions according to their needs.

Currently, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are enjoying prosperity in the Oman market. So, it is expected that many SMEs in Oman would adopt or augment unified communication (UC) solutions with unified communication servers, to increase productivity.

Cashing in on this opportunity, Panasonic, a provider of wide-range of consumer and enterprise electronic items including communication servers, unveiled a new unified communication server, KX-NS500, which is an ideal solution for the current Oman market.

Takayuki Uchinuno, general manager, system communication division, marketing Middle East & Africa, Panasonic, said in a statement, “The Panasonic KX-NS500 is the perfect solution for the Oman market where small to medium enterprises are enjoying prosperity. It is a versatile system that can grow with your company simply by activating the various options and applications according to your specific needs.

The company said that the new business communication server, KX-NS500 in general, is perfect for meeting the market requirements for a full customer delivery system, while serving as an ideal business solutions tool.

The solution’s in-built advanced application and collaboration server provides enterprises with powerful customer service delivery and business solutions – by integrating unified messaging, fax, IVR (interactive voice response), CRM (customer relationship manageent), contact centre, mobility and call recording applications.

In addition, the KX-NS500 has a single PBX that can be used as a standalone or as a networked system using multiple PBXs. A single KX-NS500 unit can support 18 users and is easily expandable with software customization enabling up to 258 users to serve large and dynamic organizations.

Featuring built in server communication assistant (CA) productivity software that helps in blending simple point and click telephony, the new KX-NS500 features both proprietary IP terminals as well as standard IP (SIP) terminals.

Currently available through Oman Marketing Service Company, Panasonic’s partner in Oman, the new KX-NS500 also features Desktop SIP Conference terminal, advanced call routing function, web and central maintenance and management capability, and more. The company said that the features of KX-NS500 could be augmented with the company’s third party CTI application vendors to suit more sophisticated call centers. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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