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Iridium Launches Groundbreaking Broadcast Service, Iridium Burst

February 12, 2014

Iridium Communications Inc. announced the launch of its broadcast service, Iridium Burst. This groundbreaking service allows data broadcast from one device to an unlimited number of devices spanning the globe, even from locations such as inside of buildings, vehicles and airplanes, with partial obstructions and weather phenomenon. Through the high power channels of the Iridium satellite network, Iridium Burst offers a cost-efficient, customizable and low-latency broadcast data service with high signal penetration capabilities far superior to existing paging and broadcast services. Iridium Burst is available as a pay-per-use service, compatible with the existing and future Iridium devices and Iridium partners.

In a release, Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Iridium, said, "With the launch of this new broadcast service, Iridium Burst, we are filling a void in the satellite industry. Until now, there was no practical, cost-effective option for transmitting data to a large number of remote devices across a country or continent. Iridium Burst provides new opportunities for our partners and their customers alike, by enabling data messaging to tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of devices anywhere on Earth with one transmission.”

Iridium Burst offers, highly cost effective services; high-powered satellite transmissions which are four times more powerful than traditional satellite data services; quick delivery of information; in stealth mode, enabled devices can be configured to receive-only and not transmit; secure communications where only customer-authorized data is transmitted and received; data can be transmitted in any desired format; and single transmission can be sent to thousands of devices from anywhere to everywhere on Earth, simplifying message delivery management.

Bryan Hartin, went on to say, “No other network can provide truly global reach, and Iridium Burst leverages this unique capability to broadcast data to an unlimited number of devices and will enable new applications for satellite communications that were never before possible."

Iridium Burst can be used as a part of alert networks, public safety and emergency response organizations, national disaster and weather warnings, terrorism and security alerts and updates; private enterprise networks with electronic billboards and software updates; machine-to-machine (M2M) data transmissions in military organizations; and maritime safety.

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