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ANPI Hosted UC Solution Expands Cirrinity's Business Services Portfolio

February 05, 2014

The ANPI Hosted Unified Communications (UC) solution has been chosen to significantly expand Cirrinity’s business services portfolio.

Cirrinity provides high capacity fiber services, digital TV, high-speed Internet, phone service, cellular, wireless broadband services and bundled services to Wittenberg, WI and surrounding areas.

The solution enables Cirrinity to deliver a fully integrated unified communications suite to their business and enterprise customers at a very affordable price.

“By partnering with ANPI, we’ll be able to provide an innovative and cost-competitive communications solution that offers all the features and functionality in demand by today’s busy mobile professionals,” said Mark Dodge, Cirrinity CTO.

Currently expanding its market, Cirrinity is introducing new fiber-based services to the communities it serves. The company is leveraging the ANPI Hosted UC solution to address the dynamic needs of its business customers.

Cirrinity does not have to manage and maintain any on-premise equipment and this means its business customers gets the benefits of advanced features and functionality at a very low cost.

The customers will also get a predictable monthly bill, and a predictable monthly bill.

“We had companies like Cirrinity in mind when we launched our private label Hosted UC,” said Dave Lewis, ANPI CEO. “We are committed to the independent service provider community and the ANPI Hosted UC solution delivers. It’s an enterprise-class platform that empowers carriers to profitably pursue the $15 billion and growing small to medium-sized business services market.”

Developed especially for communications service providers the ANPI Hosted UC solution is a complete, end-to-end solution that also includes customer support and integrated billing feature.

ANPI offers an advanced Hosted Unified Communications solution for both businesses and carriers. The company was in news last month for announcing the addition of full fax functionality to its ANPI VIP hosted unified communications solution.  

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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