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Unified Communications Week in Review

February 01, 2014

As society changes and technology follows suit, we must evolve in the way we communicate. Businesses are run globally, with employees stationed across the world, scattered across different countries. A Unified Communications system in place can help a business overcome any communication issues among employees as well as other corporations. It has been a busy week in the UC realm, with news of new products, social media outlets as well as conferences at ITEXPO.

A new social media outlet catered to the B2B and B2Community sectors has emerged. It is called Brazzlebox – and it is intended as a place where business owners and clients can connect to local area business networks. Think of it has a communication network for small and home based business owners, a place where specific questions can be asked and answered. Another innovation in UC has taken place through the company GENBAND’s release of their new UC solution, titled SMART OFFICE 2.0. This new UC solution features an enhanced experience over a variety of different business devices through Web-RTC-compliant Web browsers.  Users can easily access various communications systems through multiple devices, making the BYOD environment a little less stressful. SMART OFFICE 2.0 allows users to chat, videoconference or screen-share regardless of what device they are on or where they are located.

Recognition in is the air for the world of Unified Communications. TMC has awarded CounterPath Corporation with two product of the year awards for its Bria Blackberry edition and Bria Software as a Service. This award was earned through the advanced security features as well as the multi-tasking support for background operation of the Bria Blackberry edition, accompanied by the blending of functionalities by the Bria Software as a Service (smartphones, tablets and desktops).

The talk of UC innovation was alive and well at this year’s ITEXPO, which has been taking place all this week in Miami, Florida. At the SmartVoice conference, Martin Geddes, co-founder and executive director of the Hypervoice Consoritum, gave the opening address exclaiming that the next ten years is a very exciting time for the world of voice. Voice is transitioning from telephony, to smart voice to hypervoice. Geddes stated, “What we’re starting to recognize is that every conversation doesn’t just have to be ephemeral value at this moment in time, it has persistent value,” revealing that communication is no longer limited to a time and place. If this week is any indication, the Unified Communications industry is far from losing steam. Tune in next week for the latest and greatest in UC!

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