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Unified Communications Week in Review

January 18, 2014

It’s been yet another exciting week in the field of unified communications. The field is combining voice, video and text in an attractive package that many businesses are finding irresistible.

The video component is getting more attention as bandwidth continues to improve. Even more than phone and text messages, it really allows people to collaborate face-to-face without having to travel, making it useful in an era where business is truly international. Since companies don’t have to pay for plane tickets, it can save them a lot of money.

“And, ultimately it’s all about money: everything boils down to the company’s balance sheets, to cost and expenditure,” Mini Swamy wrote earlier this week. “Enterprise video service helps reduce overall capital expenditure and by interacting with everyone through a unified communication mode, companies can use resources optimally and save time and money.”

Lots of people might recognize NEC as a monitor manufacturer, but the company is active in a lot of technology fields, including unified communications. Nemertes research recognized NEC as one of the companies offering the lowest TCOs (Total Cost of Ownership) in the UC market in a report.

The report said NEC had the lowest first year costs compared to other UC vendors.

 “Enterprises typically purchase based on RFPs that only include capital costs and technical evaluations," said Robin Gareiss, Nemertes executive vice president and founder. "However, it's critical implementation and operational costs cannot be ignored in the decision process."

A lot of people might not realize it, but they use a UC platform almost every day: Google. The company’s various apps, including Gmail, Google Voice, Hangouts, Google+ and other tools make up the tools of a UC system, but Google doesn’t really market itself that way.

Other companies, including Esna, are moving in, integrating Google’s communication tools with PBXes to build true UC platforms based on Google Apps.

We hope you continue to follow us for more exciting UC news in the next week and the weeks ahead.

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