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ChitrChatr Communications Announces Worldwide Subscriber Promotion

January 17, 2014

ChitrChatr Communications, a provider of comprehensive universal unified communications platforms, has announced a new promotional program for its subscribers worldwide that will offer the first 360,000 subscribers free limited-time worldwide communication services along with chances to win smartphones and tablets.

ChitrChatr is a technology company specializing in building a proprietary internet-based communications platform, the Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform "CUUCP," which is based on VoIP technology and uses Internet services and data transmission instead of PSTN from land telephone lines, cellular networks or satellite service.

Company officials confirmed they will offer a $100 U.S. credit for the first 10,000 subscribers along with 90 days of international voice calls, text/SMS and fax service to 60 countries.

The next 100,000 subscribers will receive a $30 U.S. credit with 60 days of international voice calls, text/SMS and fax to 60 countries.

Finally, the next 250,000 subscribers will receive a $5 U.S. credit for international voice calls, text/SMS and fax to 60 countries for 30 days.

In addition to the free service promotion, ChitrChatr will also gift 10 lucky subscribers with a new Smartphone or Tablet.

The company’s communications platform enables users to utilize voice/audio, video, conference calls, multi-protocol chat, social network messaging, text/SMS, fax, and email packed in one free messaging application. There is only a small monthly plan fee to make unlimited calls to 65 countries.

ChitrChatr subscriber can easily log in to the CUUCP which then handles the task of logging into all other accounts such as Yahoo, MSN, Google Hangouts, Facebook and over 135 other messaging platforms currently used by consumers all over the world.

The ChitrChatr platform is available in various languages such as including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian.

 In addition to this news, company officials say the ChitrChatr Platform will soon be available as an app that can be accessed using a web browser, and can be installed on other devices such as desktop and tablet computers, smart phones, mobile handheld devices and other dedicated hardware devices.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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