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Revolabs Appoints Midwich Group as UK Distributor for UC Wireless Audio Systems

January 10, 2014

No matter how great a product is in one country, achieving the same success somewhere else is not a given. It will require forming partnerships with an established organization in the new country so the product can be marketed and distributed properly, taking into account cultural and other norms. The recent agreement between Apple and China Mobile is a great example. Revolabs, provider of wireless audio solutions for unified communications (UC) with high audio quality, has announced Midwich will be its new UK distributor for its wireless audio systems. By partnering with a company that has more than 35 years of experience, Revolabs will guarantee its products will have the visibility they need in order to succeed.

Midwich will be offering the products through its RW Salt audio division to its network partners, addressing vertical markets in corporate, education, finance and healthcare.

The Revolabs line of plug-and-play, desktop and wireless UC products are recognized for providing superior products with encrypted security that is GSM-impervious.

"Through their RW Salt division, we will have access to hundreds of additional reseller partners who are focused on installed conference audio solutions. The Midwich Group also provides access to many IT and data VARs in the UK, offering additional channels for our FLX and FLX UC products," said Revolabs CEO Marc Cremer.

The FLX UC 500 provides technology that makes it possible to have real discussions between participants with simultaneous audio capture and audio playback with the best possible audio signal. The technology combines speakers, microphones and audio processing to achieve best in class audio performance for conference rooms, small offices and homes for meeting and online collaboration.

Some of the features and benefits of the FLX UC 500 include:

  • Tweeter and midwoofer speaker elements for superior audio quality, clarity, and volume
  • Four corner microphones provide full 360° coverage of audio capture with acoustic echo cancellation per microphone
  • Two-element loudspeaker with frequency response of 160-20,000 Hz and volume adjustments to 91 dB at 0.5m peak volume
  • Automatically optimized echo performance for each audio path, based on acoustic environment
  • A full-duplex audio with volume control with audible feedback, mute on/off control, comfort noise fill, and noise filter

RW Salt is recognized as the top wholesale distributor of commercial and professional audio products in the United Kingdom. As the audio specialist arm of the Midwich Group, it provides professional and commercial audio solutions to a wide range of markets.

 "There has been a demand for a hassle-free, effective, quality solution for wireless communications in the workplace for some time. We are very excited to address this need by bolstering our product lineup with Revolabs’ plug-and-play, desktop and wireless UC products range," said Alison Charters, audio product manager at Midwich Group.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker