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Suez Canal Authority Switching to Avaya Technologies

December 30, 2013

To this day most people only mention the Suez Canal when it is part of a conversation that includes Lawrence of Arabia, but it is much more than that. Since it was completed in 1869, this thorough way has made it possible for shipping lines to cut their voyage by thousands of miles. As the growth of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region continues to increase in market value, the canal is becoming more important than ever. Although it is more than 140 years old, it needs the latest communications technology in order to make it more efficient. To address this issue, the Suez Canal Authority has selected to move its full communication ports to the Avaya Aura Communication Manager.

Avaya Aura is designed to simplify complex communications networks while reducing infrastructure costs delivering voice, video, messaging, presence, Web applications and more to everyone in the organization no matter where they are. The Suez Canal Authority wants Avaya to move its 15,000 communication ports to this platform so it can manage its communications and collaboration needs more effectively.

With Aura, the canal authority will be able to add new communications capability across its network by orchestrating a wide range of applications and systems. This option will allow the organization to deploy services based on what it needs without geographical limitations. Employee mobility will be more efficient than ever as they will be able to coordinate messaging across sms, email and voice services. A critical feature in an environment that sees around 2.4m barrels of oil shipped through the canal each day, as well as millions of tons of other cargo.

Under the agreement, the communications infrastructure of the canal will be consolidated on Avaya Aura with a range of Avaya technology solutions and expertise. This will enable Avaya to improve technology operations throughout the entire network of the canal authority. With a centralized communications solution and an end-to-end Avaya platform it will have a standardized communications model for managing all of its operations.

The Aura platform can expand communication services as an organization grows. The system can have fewer than 100 users and expand to as many as 36,000 on a single system and to 350,000 on a single network. Additional features include:

  • Up to 10 Collaboration Environment servers for a single solution
  • Up to five Data Centers
  • Call Methods: allow a service to monitor or modify calls on behalf of the calling party
  • Media Control Methods: allow a service to play an announcement to a single party on the call and to collect button press (DTMF) tones on the call
  • Send Email Methods: allow a service to send an email to one or more recipients
  • Send Text Message (SMS) Methods: allow a service to send text (SMS) message to one or more recipients
  • Create Scopia Conference Methods: allow a service to schedule or cancel a video or audio conference using Scopia conferencing.

"We have closely studied Avaya's Unified Communication and Collaboration advancements in the market and continue to be impressed with their capabilities. We believe that Avaya will allow us to cope with the ongoing technology changes and equip our staff and faculty with productive tools of communication and collaboration," said Eng. Magda Hassan Heshmat, Deputy Director, Communications Department Suez Canal Authority.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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