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PanTerra Introduces Tools for Unified Cloud Communications

December 18, 2013

PanTerra Networks is improving WorldSmart scale for mid-market enterprises with the release of new tools for this solution designed to deliver unified communications to businesses.

In addition to boosting security, the new features successfully cut down the need to implement and manage multiple security applications for users.

Enterprises can customize their solution to their existing IT infrastructure as this tool enables them to configure centralized management, distributed management or a hybrid of both.

Large sized organizations find it useful to create a hierarchy of administrators as it helps them to centralize control of higher-level administrative functions.

PanTerra's Admin 5.0 also lets organizations to simplify administration functions such as global group management and customizable billing.

"PanTerra's Admin 5.0 cut our administrative overhead considerably on our most recent multi-location customer migration off of legacy equipment," said Bill Sutherland, president and CEO of Sutherland Networks.

Included in the new release are enhanced security features allowing management and control of all access devices. Users can restrict features on a per-user basis thanks to built-in multi-phase authentication management tools and enhanced feature-management capabilities.

The new tool has the ability to support single or multiple administrators, and lets businesses define multiple administrator roles and privilege levels to different administrators within an account.

Businesses can also completely customize account billing by using the advanced group-based billing feature.

Other features include a powerful multi-select user interface optimized for larger enterprises and an import/export account creation that allows quick account creation and setup from a single Excel spreadsheet.

"The marriage of secure unified administrative access for all WorldSmart services, and more specifically the improved group and mobile administration and intuitive import function, reduced many man-hours off the system cutover," added Sutherland.

PanTerra Networks provides unified cloud services for mid-market enterprises. The company was in news earlier this year for releasing Mobile UCC.

This secure mobile application extends its award-winning desktop UCC (Unified Cloud Communications) application to mobile devices.

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