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Unified Communications Week in Review

December 14, 2013

A Unified Communications system in place has proven to be a lifesaver for many businesses, big and small. A UC system keeps all aspects of a business intertwined and running smoothly as one, and without good communication what business wouldn’t run itself straight into the ground? This week has been an impactful and informative week in the UC realm. From new partnerships and leaders in the industry, to tips on how to keep a UC system running smoothly, Unified Communications is a driving force in the success of any corporation.

A partnership has emerged between Bright Pattern, provider of next-generation cloud contact center solutions, and TEO Technologies, a top-notch North American UC services provider. These companies will prove to make a great team, with TEO providing marketing and UC implementation services for Bright Pattern and Bright Pattern will provide good marketing and press for TEO, promoting their services to other possible contact center customers. Thomas Beck, director of marketing and business development at TEO, feels this partnership is bound for success. "We see Bright Pattern as a driving force in the contact center arena, fostering the development of multiple cloud-based applications. Our partnership provides TEO with an early-mover advantage and will create multiple opportunities to jointly deliver cloud-based communications solutions,” Beck said.

Aside from partnerships, leaders have also emerged with the UC industry. Arkadin, one of the largest collaboration services providers in existence, was recently awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 North American Award for Growth Leadership. This award places Arkadin at the top of the UC provider tier – it has given the company a powerful position within the global conferencing and UC and collaboration market.

Although many UC providers are making great strides this week, it is also important for businesses to remember to properly utilize their Unified Communications system. Although a UC system in place sets a business up for success, IT managers need to know how to run the system properly. Three important tasks an IT department can perform may prevent any disasters from occurring. Even the simplest mistakes can cost a company a loyal client, such as poor video conferencing. Always remember to practice, use proper etiquette and pay attention to the video conference and only the video conference, and your use of video conferencing – and a Unified Communications system in general – will earn your company success.

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