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Athens County Uses Everbridge Communication Solutions to Improve Public Safety

December 04, 2013

It is Halloween and we need to avoid destructive celebrations in any case. It is important to implement and enforce public safety rules and policies.

Athens County, Ohio uses Everbridge, a provider of critical communication solutions, to improve public safety during its Halloween festivities. The popular locations likes Home to Ohio University, Hocking College, and more than 64,000 residents, Athens County have deployed the Everbridge solution to manage critical communication with county employees, residents, and event volunteers.

Throughout the year, Athens County organized a number of events that draw thousands of attendees from around the country, including its annual Halloween Block Party in uptown Athens.

Everbridge solutions have proved to be very useful for Athens County as it allowed collecting on-the-scene videos and photos taken with users’ mobile devices, and share real-time information with public safety resources and attendees.

Dan Pfeiffer, director of Athens County 911, said, “Because Everbridge eliminates communication issues, county public safety officials can collect on-the-scene data and share it with attendees throughout the event. This prevents critical situations from escalating and improves public safety.”

The Everbridge solution is also used to share important information and updates with the Athens County community that includes information about drinking water boil orders, weather alerts, and road closure information. Recently, the system notified residents about a major water leak. Within a half hour of the incident, Athens County was able to deliver a drinking water boil order to residents in the city of Nelsonville and the village of Buchtel to help minimize the incident's impact.

“Everbridge is a much more versatile system than what we've had in the past,” says Pfeiffer. “It's user-friendly, has many options for delivering messages, and it takes us less than five minutes to teach someone how to use it.”

Imad Mouline, chief technology officer, Everbridge, said in a statement, “And by combining mass communication with two-way interaction and real-time situational intelligence, Athens enhances the safety of large-scale events for everyone attending.”

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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