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Unified Communications Week in Review

November 23, 2013

Running a business and worrying about annual revenue is difficult enough, but once you throw communication between employers, employees and clients into the mix, things get tricky. The realm of Unified Communications aims to bridge this gap and make communication one less stress within a business. With the many different UC platforms and evolving cloud and social networks, a business would be foolish not to reap the benefits of implementing such a system within their business’ infrastructure.

With the rise of the internet, corporations and businesses have begun to operate very differently. Offices connect through the phone, fax, email, social networking and instant messaging systems to name a few, and it remains a daunting task to remain connected while communicating through all of these different channels. A Unified Communications platform aims to connect all of these methods of communication within the office, reducing costs and the focus put back on the business and not the miscommunication within it.

Cisco is one company that is urging companies to adopt a UC platform. Cisco aims to ease the transition companies are experiencing with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) within the industry by introducing numerous audio and Web conferencing tools. These tools enable employees to work remotely and still be on track with what is going on within the office, without compromising the vision of the company. One of the latest products from Cisco is Cisco Expressway, which extends the UC tools beyond the office.

Many UC providers are collaborating with other companies in order to maintain the best in Unified Communication platforms. Syniverse – a company that provides cloud-based solutions – recently announced that Nimbuzz – a mobile communication and entertainment platform – will be adapting its Enterprise Messaging Service. This will allow for two-way SMS conversations between enterprises and their employees on the Nimbuzz platform.

Another UC platform making moves is YuuZoo owned by Mobile FutureWorks, which will offer the Temasys’s WebRTC Skyway to enable video conferencing and event streaming, enabling even a more cohesive workforce. This program allows any company to create its own social network, without the requirement to be a “friend” to join in on a topic of conversation within the network. Pretty cool, right? It’s all in the name of Unified Communications, and this week has definitely been an eventful week in regards to advancements and collaborations within the field. 

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