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YuuZoo to Embed Temasys's WebRTC Skyway within Made-to-Order Social Networks

November 20, 2013

YuuZoo, a social networking platform owned by Mobile FutureWorks, will soon offer the Temasys’s WebRTC Skyway to enable video conferencing and event streaming within its made-to-order social networks.

Thomas Zilliacus, CEO of Mobile FutureWorks, calls YuuZoo a producer of "bespoke" social networks. For Americans unfamiliar with the term, "bespoke" means "made to individual order." According to Zilliacus, YuuZoo lets organizations create their own customized social networks that marry social with e-commerce.

Instead of starting a page on a large existing social network like Facebook, a company, not-for-profit, sports team, band or any type of organization can create its own customized social network. Anyone that wants to participate in a YuuZoo network can join a conversation. The platform doesn't require users to "friend" existing participants.

YuuZoo social networks not only appeal to dedicated fans. They also allow organizations to make money from any advertising that they choose to place on their networks. According to Zilliacus, YuuZoo networks now have 38 million users in 164 countries. The company made over $27 million in revenue last year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Zilliacus also says that participants in targeted social networks like YuuZoo's log five times as much participation time as Facebook or Twitter users. In a Wall Street Journal interview, he compared Facebook to a department store and a YuuZoo network to an outlet store.

"Having your own environment enables you to build your own offering to the consumer," Zilliacus explained. "[Companies] have to offer the user something additional on [their] own social network that Facebook is not able to do, which I think is simply going deeper into the specific interest area that is being offered."

With Temasys’s WebRTC Skyway embedded into their social networks, organizations can let fans conference with one another. They can also live stream events into their social networks. For example, a sports club could live stream a game or a post-game interview with its coach into its YuuZoo network thanks to WebRTC Skyway.

"Temasys offers an exciting and interesting solution to complement our e-commerce-enabled targeted social networks," said Zilliacus. "Their solution will help us improve the user experience on the YuuZoo platform."


Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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