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Allworx Launches Two Versions of Interact Proprietary Applications

November 19, 2013

An award-winning provider of communications solutions Allworx recently unveiled two versions of its versatile new proprietary applications, Interact. The "Professional" version of Interact is available as a per-user license.

Interact application allows users to view and answer incoming calls directly from their PC. The inbound caller's name and number are displayed on a discreet pop-up which can either be ignored or answered with just a click of a button.

In short it provides control over an Allworx phone in an intuitive and scalable manner through the customer's PC. Allworx’s customers with the help of Interact gain the competitive edge they need to better serve their own customers.

"Interact brings the Allworx capabilities our customers expect to more devices they use every day, improving the user experience not just by speeding up call handling and reducing calling errors, but by providing customers with the information they need to effectively connect with the people they work with every day," said Chris Hasenauer, vice president and general manager of Allworx, in a press statement.

"We designed Interact to leverage the simplicity of an intuitive user interface with the power of the Allworx handset," said Hasenauer. "That combination results in improved efficiency and exceptional audio quality for Allworx customers."

The "Professional" version of Interact includes multiple applet windows which enable the display and management of current and parked calls.

Additionally, Interact Professional also provides quick access to presence management, call history and contacts. With the ability to quickly search through entries in both the Allworx directory and the user's contact list, it helps in improving the accuracy and speed of placing internal and external calls.

Earlier in October, unified communications reported that Allworx has introduced PowerFlex, its new family of Ethernet switches, which is specifically designed to complement its current product line.

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