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Nimbuzz selects Syniverse Enterprise Messaging Service

November 19, 2013

Syniverse, a company that provides cloud-based solutions, recently announced that it will be providing its Enterprise Messaging Service to Nimbuzz, a mobile communication and entertainment platform with over 150 million users. The Nimbuzz users can install and activate by using a password authentication code which will be sent to them through an SMS after they have entered their mobile number.  

Syniverse Enterprise Messaging Service allows the companies to sell network-based application-to-person (A2P) services to their enterprise customers through multi-channel SMS notification and location offerings. The solution allows for sophisticated two-way SMS conversations between enterprises and their employees. Moreover, it also ensures timely, relevant user experiences by leveraging location data.  

The company claims that Enterprise Messaging Service increases revenue by allowing clients to accommodate large, high average-revenue-per-user enterprise accounts, while enterprises benefit from more satisfied end users who enjoy an email-like SMS experience. The solution comes with two implementation options with customizable interfaces — APIs and cloud-based inbox. It also allows two-way in-network messaging with conversation support.

The Enterprise Messaging Service has also been selected by Knowcross Solutions, a technology solutions provider for the global hospitality industry. Knowcross is provided a simple, automated and reliable SMS-based tool to allow real-time communications to be delivered to customers and employees of its clients.

 “Syniverse’s global reach and high-level service approach makes for the perfect fit to support our messaging needs,” said Joby Babu, chief operating officer, Nimbuzz. “We are very pleased with the way the solution seamlessly integrates into our existing systems, which greatly benefits our end users.”

 “With a customer base across a wide variety of mobile service providers, Nimbuzz required a single solution to provide ubiquitous reach, and that’s exactly what the Syniverse Enterprise Messaging Service enables,” said Morten Brøgger, chief sales officer, Syniverse. “In our position at the center of the mobile ecosystem, we are uniquely able to deliver the mobile connectivity necessary for enterprises, ISPs and app providers to deliver superior mobile experiences.” 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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