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Onehub Integrates with Dropbox Enabling Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

November 12, 2013

Onehub has integrated with Dropbox enabling business users to benefit from optimized secure file sharing and collaboration. As an optimized enterprise file sharing service, Onehub will bring greater sharing permissions and collaboration capabilities to Dropbox folders and files.

Charles Mount, founder and CEO of Onehub said, “Adding a new layer of sharing and collaboration with Onehub makes Dropbox a complete enterprise file sharing service for businesses that currently use Dropbox.”

“Onehub is already in use across more than 50,000 businesses and our integration with Dropbox will extend the Onehub secure sharing and collaboration features to all businesses who rely on Dropbox,” Mount added.

The integration of Onehub with Dropbox will enhance secure sharing of files among team members allowing secure and confidential sharing of information with role-based permission system and custom branding features.

The new features that will be available in Dropbox now are comments, tasks and messages, that are expected to enhance collaboration among team members and in turn their efficiency. Users will now be able to access critical business-centric features without exiting Dropbox.

The other advanced features provided by Onehub to the Dropbox platform include sharing permissions, white label branding, comments and tasks. Business users are able to view all permissions and actions that are taking place within the workspaces, which also reveals when a client has downloaded a file giving them greater control.

Several companies including White Wolf Capital, MossWarner, Hilco Industrial, Birth REA, Birch Capital LLC, Turnstyle, and Drury Design, depend on Onehub enterprise sharing tools to enable secure collaboration among team members and also in client file management.

In November 2012, Onehub introduced an Android application in the Google Play store. This free application enables Android users to quickly and securely access and work with their content while on the go. Onehub for Android provides users with the confidence to securely access content through robust object-level security and role-based permissions.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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