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November 08, 2013

The logistics and details of running a business or corporation from the inside is always a meticulous and sometimes daunting task, based mainly on good communication. Meetings, paperwork, HR and PR to name a few of the efforts businesses need to focus on in order to function properly and cohesively. This week LogMeIn is the new hot app among business leaders for its functionality and ability to bring employees together when they aren’t really together. LogMeIn’s meeting app join.me now features the ‘Presenter Swap’ feature, which puts a new spin on traditional web conferencing by allowing the user to pass on his or her role to the next speaker or participant with the click of a button. Meetings and conferences have never been so cohesive or tech savvy.

Corvil, a provider of OPM solutions, also understands the importance of security and communication not only between employees but within the technology systems and infrastructure of a business. This week the company stated that “the new CorvilNet release helps in monitoring the performance and health of mission critical enterprise applications and services,” and over 40 customers have already deployed the earlier version of CorvilNet.

NetPlus has also been recognized for stepping their game up in the world of united communications. NetPlus has become the first and the only Telecommunications Management System to receive the JITC Certification across United Communications and legacy switches. President of NetPlus Matt Lewis was ecstatic with the results of the JITC testing, and he claims “their testing standards are second to none in terms of security and quality assurance.”

A company cannot run properly if its employees are not properly taken care of. No one understands this better this week than SunTel Services, the provider of unified communications in Michigan, who was named to the Honor roll for the 2013 list of Michigan’s Healthiest Employers. It turns out that SunTel services has an 80 percent employee participation rate regarding its health programs, making the company’s goal of reducing health risks, improving quality of life for its employees and lowering medical costs for the company an easier task. President of SunTel Services, Gary Jackson, stated that “employee wellness is an important component to any business, and we’re honored to be recognized for our efforts in this area.”

Whether it be to improve the health and quality of life for employees through health programs or to utilize apps allowing businesses to build a more stable infrastructure, this week in unified communications news has proven that companies are taking the necessary steps to ensure that no leaf be left unturned.

Cassandra Tucker graduated from the University of Bridgeport in 2013 with a B.S. in English. She has had numerous editorial internships including an internship at Ladies´┐Ż Home Journal in New York City as well as multiple proofreading and copyediting internships. Cassandra has a love for reading, writing and her cats.

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