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Velocity Zoom Suite Breaks Barriers Between CIOs and Hosted Apps

November 04, 2013

There is a certain ambivalence when it comes to cloud computing – on the one hand it is hailed as the messiah by the corporate world, while on the other there is a certain trepidation about using the cloud to store sensitive data. Some say there is lack of visibility and control and others regard traditional tools to be a misfit in the cloud. Naturally then, IT departments and CIOs are concerned, but the Velocity Zoom suite promises to make their frowns disappear.

"We wanted to give CIOs better optics into how well their enterprise systems are supporting the organization and combine that with the ability to make more intelligent use of the data their organizations are generating," said Paul Mockenhaupt, vice president, innovation and development at Velocity.

Velocity Zoom is a cloud management console designed by Velocity Technology Solutions (Velocity) specifically for CIOs, IT leaders and application managers, and its appearance on the IT scene empowers them with greater insight into and control over hosted enterprise apps.

The expanded suite of management tools allow IT leaders to examine transaction performance right to the ground level, monitor how applications are performing vis-a-vis other users and compare statistics. In addition, it helps the integration of applications in the Velocity Cloud and also allows users to share content and reuse codebase objects.

This complete transparency allows users to decide whether the software is actually doing what it’s meant to do and to what extent it is efficient. Customers can select the data views that are most relevant to their business and get a single perspective on their most important transactions. They’ll also know who is accessing their systems, how those systems are being used, and what kind of experience the user is having.

According to Paul Cioni, CTO at Velocity, the Zoom suite has managed to tear down the barriers between CIOs and their cloud-based applications.

This is the best thing that can happen to an organization, for IT leaders and everyone else concerned get an idea of how well their enterprise systems are providing support across all functional areas , how businesses can be streamlined and how big data can be tackled.

Velocity Zoom has managed to combine business insights, security platforms, IT auditing and business resiliency capabilities into a single suite of cloud management tools, and the company promises more capabilities in the future.

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