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UC Provider SunTel Applauded for Keeping Employees Healthy

November 04, 2013

Is the health of employees a barometer for a healthy company? Apparently yes, for any wellness program that has at its heart the wellness of its employees will surely work toward the company’s bottom line. Remember, the age old adage, ‘Health is Wealth’ applies to workplaces too, for the objectives of health and wellness align with an organization’s mission, vision and values.

Productive employees and healthy ones go hand in hand; and SunTel Services, the provider of unified communications in Michigan, worked hard to create a culture of wellness that benefited everyone -- the employees and the company. Its efforts reached fruition when it was named to the Honor roll for the 2013 list of Michigan's Healthiest Employers, which is a statewide program that recognizes employers for successful wellness programs and initiatives.

While such health programs are indeed well meant, they make no sense if employees don’t participate, and this is where SunTel scored high with 80 percent participation, which spoke of a tremendous shift in culture. Its goals of creating corporate wellness and employee wellness dovetailed perfectly.

By reducing health risks, improving quality of life, enhancing personal effectiveness, and lowering medical costs for the company, the organization cannot but benefit. A positive financial and social impact for their companies is just what SunTel achieved with one wellness stroke.

"Employee wellness is an important component to any business, and we're honored to be recognized for our efforts in this area," said Gary Jackson, president, SunTel Services.

SunTel was able to encourage staff and motivate them toward a healthy lifestyle. Making people change in any form is perhaps the hardest thing to do, more so when it comes to employees with fixed mindsets. It requires the proper foundation to be laid, leadership, communication and marketing skills, and more than everything a sense of commitment to want to make the program work. All these components were assessed by the online assessment tool that measures wellness programming and SunTel emerged a clear winner.

SunTel’s comprehensive health and wellness program, launched seven years ago, had only one goal in mind: a healthy employee would always be prompted to give his/her best, because he/she felt good all the time. Occasional healthy lunch and learn initiatives, free health programs for blood test evaluation (that would pre-empt illness,) nutrition related lectures, and fitness programs fitted into hectic work schedules all together created a work environment that breathed and spelled health.

Healthy employees beget healthy workplaces. Can workplace wellness programs really be the answer to spiraling healthcare costs?

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