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LiveQoS Acquires Openera, Set To Launch Cloud Services Business

October 28, 2013

Locating, accessing and sharing files on the go are three of the tasks that often give us some real pain. LiveQoS, a Quality of Experience technology provider is hopeful that it will be able to end all on-the-road struggles for finding and sending files over mobile devices through its recent acquisition of Openera.

It is our attachment to smartphones and mobile devices that is fast transforming telecommunication markets worldwide. Network traffic is increasing by leaps and bounds and customers are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of number, variety and quality of services. These trends necessitated the emergence of Quality of Experience and quality of service technologies. While QoE solutions helps the companies to garner better insights of their customer base and stay competitive, the QoS solutions seek to identify and fix the factors that stop the service providers from giving maximum satisfaction to their customers.

In a competitive QoS landscape, LiveQoS’ IPQ technology is used by a great number of OEMs in the mobile, unified communications, enterprise and cloud computing markets in order to improve users' quality of experience (QoE) for network-based applications in unmanaged networks, to enable excellent video, file transfer and virtualization experience for smartphones, tablets, laptops and thin clients. The acquisition of Openera will allow LiveQoS to incorporate the latter’s file compression and transfer technologies.

LiveQoS’ IPQ technology already has the capabilities to offer fast and secure user experience, and the new technology will add to it email and file document management and harvesting capabilities, officials said.

Armed with Openera’s technology, LiveQoS is soon to launch a Cloud Services business that will focus on delivering the best possible user experience for mobile users.

“Much like Onavo -- on the consumer side -- offers compression for Facebook, Openera enables LiveQoS to offer compression to the mobile business user in addition to the speed and security we already offer,” CEO of LiveQoS Martin Horne said in a statement.

The good news is, all Openera employees are to be included into LiveQoS workforce, growing the latter’s team size almost by 50 percent.

“This acquisition came at the perfect time in our growth period. It added just the right amount of people and the perfect addition to our technology. We look forward to continued growth over the next year as well,” Horne added.

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