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Actiance Adds Capabilities via an Expanded Partnership with ZL Technologies

October 23, 2013

To the delight of the joint customers of Actiance and ZL Technologies, the two companies have announced an expansion in their strategic partnership.

Consumer data is seen as the enterprises’ biggest asset in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. And a multitude of social media channels, instant messaging and chat applications are making it easy for the enterprises to garner massive volume of unstructured data. This enormous data inflow has spurred demands for the tools that would help the companies to effectively manage, store, analyze and retrieve this data. Actiance is a company that strives to fill the void in this space by delivering communication, collaboration, and social media governance for the enterprises.

The storing and archiving of data are two crucial aspects of enterprise and public social data governance. The companies need to properly store and archive all their unstructured data such as emails and various other files in order to meet regulatory compliance, e-discovery, records management needs and more. In an effort to enhance its solutions with the upgrading of these two important features, Actiance has expanded its strategic partnership with ZL Technologies, a company focused on enabling enterprises to manage, archive and store all unstructured contents through its patented Unified Archive software called ZL UA.

As ZL’s social media and social business content-capture partner, Actiance has already been helping ZL customers to contextually control, monitor and collect unstructured data from various conventional and unconventional sources such as emails, instant messaging, chat applications and social media. This electronically stored information is required to meet regulatory requirements for compliance and e-discovery purposes such as future litigation and legal discovery. The terms of expanded partnership allow Actiance to enhance its already-existing archiving capabilities, so that all the data acquired from instant messaging and Unified Communications, as well as social media, can be stored and leveraged for analytics in the ZL Unified Archive.

The archiving of this data will enable the businesses to first of all consolidate the data, index it under proper groups, allowing for future search and analytics. The data can be accessed to check for other purposes including compliance violations and review. 

Furthermore, enterprises can monitor and view archived data from a single portal while keeping the context and source of each message intact.

 “We're thrilled to announce the growth of our relationship with Actiance to deliver an incredibly robust and seamless archiving solution for social data to our enterprise customers,” said CEO of ZL Technologies Kon Leong. “The widespread adoption of social media has unleashed a new class of complex data that the enterprise must treat as both corporate records and a source of powerful business insight, and our continued integration with Actiance enables them to do so effectively.”

“Building on Actiance's history of providing best-in-class solutions, we're pleased to deepen our integration with ZL Technologies to include contextual social media and social business data. Ensuring that our joint clients can utilize both solutions gives complete flexibility and maximizes existing infrastructure,” general manager of social business at Actiance Sarah Carter noted in a statement.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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