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Siemens Enterprise Communications Becomes Unify

October 15, 2013

Siemens Enterprise Communications is no more as the company has went through with its plans to rebrand as Unify. It’s been known for some time that this rebranding and relaunch would be occurring on Oct. 15 as the company hasn’t been secretive about its plans. Indeed, it seems as if the only mystery was what Siemens would be called afterwards.

The Unify brand and vision were revealed at events in Munich and New York City, but the relaunch was available for viewing worldwide thanks to a global webcast.

According to the freshly rebranded company, the “significant forces” that have been reshaping communications and IT — namely the consumerization of IT, BYOD, the role of millennials, and the prevalence of remote workers and e-commuting — were factors in the relaunch. More to the point, the creation of Unify ties in with the unveiling of Project Ansible earlier this year. A new communications and collaboration platform, Project Ansible aims to enhance business performance through secure, dynamic collaboration, universal content aggregation, and a “consumer-like, single-pane-of-glass experience.”

Alongside the global rebranding event, Unify outlined further details about Project Ansible, most notably the fact that the collaboration platform’s timeline has been accelerated, with customer deliveries now expected in July 2014.

"Unify is uniquely positioned to lead our customers and the industry toward the emergence of a new way to work that will transform how enterprises communicate and collaborate, where technology will amplify the collective effort of information workers, energize teams and processes, and enhance business performance," said Unify CEO Hamid Akhavan in a statement. "Our Siemens history is rich and the connection to our heritage as market innovators remains strong. Our new brand brings to life our vision, backed by dedicated employees around the world, a strong partner community, and an unwavering commitment to help our customers and more than 45 million users find positive returns on their technology investments."

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