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Smartphone and Tablet Users Control Conference Calls Using Zip Conferencing's Call App

October 04, 2013

Cell phones and tablets users can now control their audio meetings with the touch of a button. This can happen once they download Zip Conferencing’s new mobile conference call apps, GlobalMeet

The company has rolled out this new mobile service for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs that permit the scheduling, initiating or joining of a meeting.

This new app allows users to host and manage their audio and Web meetings from any mobile device using their convenient applications. All they have to do is to just take their Zip Conferencing account wherever they go and be ready to promptly start a conference call whenever they want. “Zip Conferencing is committed to providing our customers the best experience possible for their remote meetings.” said Jim Miller, president of Zip Conferencing. “The ability to control conference calls through a smart phone is a natural fit for our services allowing customers to schedule and hold meetings from anywhere.” Zip Conferencing app has the ability to control the call and even stores all of the access numbers and pass codes used to conduct a conference call removing the need to input the information. 

In addition, users can also schedule the conference call by sending the invitations to participants using an e-mail application and the meeting will appear in the participant’s calendar with a link that allows them to join the call at the click of a button. The system can also call out to participants to join them to the meeting and thus eliminating the need to dial into the system.Just not these, users can also share visuals during a meeting using a Web conferencing service that works within the application and allows the sharing of slides or other information from a computer.

Once users join a meeting, they can control the volume in the meeting, invite guests, mute and unmute all participants, lock the call and record their conference. The services work in most of the operating systems so participants can be on a variety of devices and still participate in the same meeting.

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