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Unified Communications Week in Review

September 14, 2013

As another week closes, it’s time to recap the headlines in unified communications.

The company Purple, which provides independent technology consultancy services, launched its unified communications strategy service to help customers understand how UC can be successfully adopted into an organization.

According to the report, Purple views UC as “bringing together all the various methods of how to communicate” and brings it into one interface and enable a user to communicate in the most effective way available at any given time. This includes e-mail, telephone, instant message or social media.

Using the Purple UC adoption blueprint, Purple assists clients by continuing to measure the UC adoption and look at continual improvements and changes as and when required.

Read more about Purple’s involvement with UC from the full report.

Shoretel has received its fourth consecutive “Strong Positive” rating for Gartner’s 2013 Marketscope, which is indicative of its good business practices and the growth it has seen over the past year.

“With thousands of happy SMB (Shoretel Mobile Business) customers already, we believe that this report confirms that our flexible, simple-to-use and deploy services continue to solve business problems for this important market segment,” said Shoretel president and CEO Don Joos.

“Strong Positive” means that Gartner believes they “are viewed as a provider of strategic products, services, or solution.”

Learn more about this achievement via the full report.

Last, but not least, is Ingate E-SBCs and ThinkTel's SIP trunking which made headlines this week as the two have concluded their successful interoperability testing.

According to the report, the “combination of these technologies will get rid of many of the complexities associated with the infrastructure and network customers use with a fast and simplified installation by solving many of the interoperability issues between the ThinkTel service and equipment on the premises.”

"Ingates’ solutions help us to ensure that customers realize the many benefits of SIP trunking. The SIParator has a long track record of proven deployments. For us, Ingate solves a number of deployment issues and expands the reach of our solutions,” Dave Damer, founder and president of ThinkTel.

Read the full report for complete details.

That’s it for this week’s unified communications weekly recap. Be sure to visit the unified communications space for all things UC.

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