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Shoretel Receives 4th Consecutive 'Strong Positive' Rating from Gartner

September 12, 2013

Shoretel, a communications provider that supplies companies with unified communications systems, business phone systems, apps, and mobile UC solutions, has received its fourth consecutive “Strong Positive” rating for Gartner’s 2013 Marketscope, which is indicative of its good business practices and the growth it has seen over the past year.

Gartner’s is a guide, much like the Michelin guide is for restaurants, for technological companies that are utilizing technological products and service, and it provides them with a review of how the company is in regards to customer service, growth, and the range of services. Gartner’s also caters mostly towards small and midsize businesses, with anywhere between 20 and 499 employees.

Shoretel, according to president and CEO Don Joos, has been “the only company to be evaluated in the [2013 Gartner’s] report to receive a Strong Positive Rating for four consecutive years.” He went on to say, “With thousands of happy SMB (Shoretel Mobile Business) customers already, we believe that this report confirms that our flexible, simple-to-use and deploy services continue to solve business problems for this important market segment.”

What a “Strong Positive” rating means for the companies involved is that Gartner believes they “are viewed as a provider of strategic products, services, or solution.” They urge customers to “continue with planned investments” and keep any business they have with the company. Gartner also urges people and businesses who are not currently involved with the company but are in the market to “consider this vendor a strong choice for strategic investments.”

Gartner has some clout in this regard, so it would behoove companies to be favorable choices in its eyes. The other ratings are “Positive,” “Promising,” “Caution,” and “Strong Negative.” Companies usually fluctuate between any or all of these ranks from year, depending on how their business is doing and what work they can get, but the fact that Shoretel ranks consistently high on this is testament to how well they have their affairs in order.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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