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The Impact of the Mobile Workforce on Modern-day Enterprises

September 11, 2013

With an increasing number of employees relying on unified communications to work, enabling a mobile workforce has had a significant impact on the way organizations function.  

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) believes that communication without any regard to location is the way to go forward for companies of the future. A recent white paper, The CIO's Guide to Enterprise Mobility, considers various effects a mobile workforce has had on the modern day enterprise. It touches upon various trends in the technology sector to put forward its point. These trends include context-aware unified communications (UC), public vs. private cloud, mobile networks in transition and the bring your own device (BYOD) movement.

The white paper identifies context-aware UC as the major aspect of this change. The advent of cloud technology has had a significant role in the way mobile workers have been working in their offices.

Atom, the next-generation 'AVST Total Office Manager’ by the company is a 24/7 office manager and offers new location-based services, federated presence and a multi-lingual speech interface. The location-based services provided by the company make it easier to manage calls.

“Whether it's through Wi-Fi association, cell tower identification or GPS, access to location information opens up a whole new world -- that of context-aware UC," said dBrn Associates' Michael Finneran. “Business users want an Apple Siri-like experience for the enterprise. They are looking for a personal assistant that can check inventory levels and backorder status as well as vacation balances and quota attainment for the month.”

Recently, the CX-E UC platform from AVST completed the first phase of the Mitel third-party partner interoperability test certification process -- Self-Assessment Testing (SAT). This means Mitel’s solutions will now work seamlessly AVST products.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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