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Siteworx Unveils Adobe Experience Manager Connector to Ooyala

August 22, 2013

Siteworx, a digital experience agency, stated that it has developed an Adobe Experience Manager connector to Ooyala, a solutions provider of video publishing, analytics and monetization.

Siteworx claimed that it has vast expertise in Adobe Experience Manager Web content management (WCM), an easy-to-use set of applications for creating, managing, delivering, and personalizing content across all of users’ owned digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, and social networks. And using that expertise, it developed the Ooyala – Adobe Experience Manager connector which simplifies the job of embedding Ooyala Videos onto Adobe Experience Manager web pages.

The company exclaimed that it delivers proactive change management through a complete suite of integrated issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools which are also well supported by valuable expertise. It has also established a reputation of partnering with companies that offer best-in-breed technology solutions and the newly released Adobe Experience Manager connector to Ooyala only demonstrates its commitment in helping marketers derive the maximum out of their WCM investments.

Chris Wong, senior vice president of business development at Ooyala, commented, “Siteworx brings incredibly deep expertise designing and maximizing web content management (WCM) solutions. Working closely with Siteworx we’ve delivered exceptional digital experiences, with video as a key component, to our customers and we will not hesitate to recommend them in the future.”

Siteworx asserted that an Online Video Platform (OVP) is becoming a preferred choice for companies that want to attain objectives and find new means of revenue. With Ooyala, Siteworx is confident that it can cater to those demands by offering video publishing capabilities that can not only enhance video presence, but also ensure seamless optimization, re-purposing, and maximization of one’s video content.

Ooyala added that it differentiates with its focus on content targeting and personalization, which is useful for publishers interested in maximizing viewer engagement with their large libraries of content.

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