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SMC4 Enables Social Media Integration for Telecom Sector

August 22, 2013

SMC4 announced that its social media management tool can now be deployed for the telecommunications industry by embedding the tool with Unified Communications technology. The increasing penetration of social media has drastically changed the way companies communicate with their customers. However, telecommunications industry has so far not utilized the full potential of social media integration due to concerns around security and any perceived threat to the company’s reputation.

In a release, Michael Veenswyk, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Companies fear they lack control when it comes to what is being said via social media in the form of criticism. It's for this very reason that we created SMC4, which enables brand to capture, control, and communicate compliantly on social media channels. The ubiquity of social media naturally brings risk to organizations, especially those in the telecommunications sector. It sounds daunting; SMC4 has been designed to manage these very processes. Social Media cannot be ignored and it's those firms within telecommunications that get to grips with it, in a compliant fashion, which will reap the benefits. Only by embracing social will communications properly be unified.”

Most of the organizations feel there is no control over the content being published in the social media and SMC4 ideally addresses this concern by enabling organizations to capture, manage and communicate via social media while being fully compliant on the company’s vision statement.

SMC4 can be deployed as a standalone tool or can be integrated within a unified communications framework and will allow organizations to garner message from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn. The tool enables organizations to get a view of both the outgoing and incoming posts and communicate these feeds to potential clients. The company’s API tool is also scalable for any project of any magnitude.

SMC4 is a unique social media marketing application that enables businesses to ensure the social media content is in compliance with the law of the land and the company’s statutory statements. The striking features of the application include the ability to control and manage concerns over network security and manage communication in accordance with the policy statements of the organization. SMC4 is easy to integrate in to the existing framework of the business and can control social media content across the company.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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