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Real-Time Intelligence Console Added to Motorola's Real-Time Crime Center

August 20, 2013

Motorola Solutions has unveiled an enhanced version of its Real-Time Crime Center solution. Public safety officials are able to proactively react and solve crimes rapidly by leveraging Real-Time Crime Center, which delivers instant access to the right information, like video, voice and data. The latest release includes the addition of a Real-Time Intelligence Console, wherein a unique configurable console view, incorporating numerous varied systems into a unified operational workflow, will be offered for public protection.

An officer or analyst works in the Real-Time Crime Center during an active incident response or while assisting an investigation. At this time, they can use the workflows shown by the Real-Time Intelligence Console to spot and share applicable information to first responders prior to the occurrence of a crime. Direct voice communications with officers in the field is facilitated by the incorporated radio console and video streaming system of the Real-Time Intelligence Console. Instantaneous video streaming to a vehicle or handheld device over the in-use carrier or private wireless networks is also possible.

Inputs from numerous sources like video surveillance systems, alarm and sensor systems, computer-aided dispatch, two-way radio voice systems and databases and records systems are incorporated by the Real-Time Crime Center solution, thereby managing the data and also assisting in direct implementation of resources. Proactive spotting of incidents as soon as they happen is also possible as the system offers compatibility with third-party applications like ShotSpotter. As a result crime in action can be prevented, ensuring further safety for citizens and first responders.

In a statement, David Thomas, solutions vice president, Motorola Global Solutions and Services, said, “Police departments have access to so much data and information, but making it actionable in real time is a challenge. The Real-Time Intelligence Console is the cornerstone of the Motorola Real-Time Crime Center solution bringing together multiple sources of information into a single operational view that can equip responding officers with better information for improved decision-making and incident response.”

Agencies are offered an affordable deployment approach by the Real-Time Intelligence Console, which leverages a versatile and modular multimedia platform and configurable user interface. The Real-Time Intelligence Console offers an incorporated view of all the current technologies.

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