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ADTRAN Launches Consultant Liaison Program

August 20, 2013

ADTRAN, Inc. has launched a Consultant Liaison Program, with an aim to offer information related to ADTRAN’s technology, solutions and services to the consultant community. Consultants will be able to improve their understanding on existing and future technology choices through this program. The program will also assist consultants in triumphantly delivering finest service and proposals to clients.

In a statement, Byron Battles, principal for The Battles Group, LLC, said, “Strong relationships built on respect, credibility and trust are at the core of a consultant’s success. ADTRAN’s establishment of its consultant program enhances its standing as a trusted partner, placing up-to-date and useful information and resources at our fingertips. ADTRAN’s programs provide us the tools needed to remain knowledgeable and connected, so that we can ensure our clients make the best technology decisions for their business requirements.”

ADTRAN is an affiliate of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants, Inc. or STC and Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association or CTCA. The organization has therefore developed a reliable network of consultant affiliations. This community of consultants can now be more successful by leveraging the detailed education and resources offered by the ADTRAN Consultant Liaison Program. The most recent data on ADTRAN products and portfolios for the organization will be made available to the members of the program.

As part of the program, consultants will be able to access the ADTRAN University, Virtual Advantage Webinar Series, road shows and regional events, and a quarterly newsletter. The participants of the program will be linked to ADTRAN Sales, Marketing and Engineering Contacts, the ADTRAN Support Community and web-based knowledgebase. The participants will also have access to technical documents, white papers, case studies, presentations, RFP templates, and self-paced solution training.

Ted Cole, vice president of channel sales for ADTRAN, said, “ADTRAN’s consultant community is a vital resource to our business, and we’re committed to growing this community and providing them with the tools they require to remain successful. The ADTRAN Consultant Liaison Program is targeted to fit the unique needs of these consultants and provides them with the strategic information needed to deliver the trusted advice their clients depend on.”

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