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ShoreTel Unveils 400 Series IP Phones

August 06, 2013

ShoreTel recently unveiled the ShoreTel 400 series IP phones, consisting of four fresh IP phone models. ShoreTel has further extended its suite of IP phones with the latest series, which offer fresh functionality and improved usability. The latest series also feature visual voice mail, a highly-developed user interface, and embedded diagnostics.

ShoreTel is an exclusive UC provider delivering a variety of communication solutions and endpoints.

In a statement, Pej Roshan, vice president of product management at ShoreTel, said, “Whether a customer communicates with desk phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops or PCs, ShoreTel enables them to choose the device best suited to their needs. The ShoreTel 400 series IP phones incorporate the latest user feedback resulting in new functionality and optimal usability.”

Message administration is made simpler by visual voice mail. Users can scroll through the messages in order to access, hear, answer, delete and save them in any order, resulting in higher productivity. Users can use this feature to select messages for listening, deleting or archiving, straight from the phone screen.

The established ergonomic benefits of ShoreTel IP phones are further extended by the innate user interface of the 400 series IP phones. The nearly vertical display features a five-way control for rapid navigation through screens and menu choices, resulting in improved readability. The nearly horizontal keypad allows users to easily dial and use the function keys. While the light handset delivers additional comfort to the users, the small phone size results in decreased utilization of desktop space.

Todd Stone, CIO at QMACS, a client of ShoreTel, said, “The feedback from our users has been fantastic. The employees like the phone’s larger display, the tactile response of the keypad buttons and the increased number of buttons/lines. We believe the new functionality and enhanced usability will ultimately lead to increased employee productivity.”

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