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STD-Multiopcion Selects Aspect Social

August 06, 2013

STD-Multiopcion, a provider of contact center services, promotion management, BPO and e-commerce support, has implemented Aspect Social for integrated management of its customers' social channels for customer service.

Aspect Social provides social conversation analysis and response as well as proactive engagement for STD-Multiopcion customers.

Aspect Social turns social monologues into productive dialogues that grow customer value in the contact center.Custom built for the contact center, Aspect Social goes beyond social monitoring and ad-hoc response and provides a way to respond to the social consumer consistent with contact center best practices. By extending the discipline of the contact center to the social sphere, organizations can consolidate and orchestrate conversations in a way other groups – like marketing – cannot and achieve a more efficient, effective social dialogue.

Aspect Social is being used by several of STD-Multiopcion's customers in the banking and retail industries to address their customers' growing use of social media for service and response.

"Social networks are quickly becoming as vital a channel for communication between companies and their customers as e-mail, SMS or any other customer service channel, so the contact center is the natural location to manage these interactions," said Fran Muinos, social media manager at STD-Multiopcion, in a statement.

"With Aspect Social, Aspect provides us with a single tool that seamlessly integrates into our existing contact center service operations to allow efficient monitoring of, and response to, the social conversations of our clients' customers," said Muinos.

Chris Koziol, president and general manager of interaction management at Aspect said that organizations need to embrace social media as an essential, two-way channel that can increase their ability to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Koziol said that by aligning social customer care with the metrics and processes proven to work in the contact center infrastructure, Aspect Social enables organizations to create genuine customer advocacy and grow customer loyalty.

He said that said that STD-Multiopcion understands that as consumers increasingly take control of their relationship with companies, an integrated approach that includes all channels their customers choose to engage with them on is essential to delivering exceptional service.

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