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A Video Conference Interview Might Kill Your Job Prospects

August 05, 2013

Video conferencing is everywhere, and everyone seems to have taken a liking t it. Large companies are using it, even midsized and smaller companies are using it, for everything from meetings to interviews. It seems every type of personal communication is being conducted through video conferencing.

But after all the hype and hoopla about video conferencing being a money- and time-saver and a modern communication miracle, here comes a dampener. According to a new study published by McMaster's DeGroote School of Business, if you are given a job interview through video conferencing, you have less chance of being selected. That’s because candidates who give their interview through video conferencing are less likely to impress their potential employers as opposed to candidates who have given face to face interviews.

To counter this, the college suggests using the same method of interviewing for all the candidates, and advises both interviewers and employees to use the best possible technology available to avoid delays and heartburn. It also suggests placing the camera as close to the face as possible to make the interview look “lifelike.” Employers can also reserve the video conferencing option only for the preliminary interviews.

For candidates offering video interviews, it helps to send all the documents and other data needed by the interviewer before the start of the interview.  

“These findings suggest that using video conferencing can adversely affect both applicant reactions and interviewer judgments,” said Willi Wiesner, associate professor of Human Resources at DeGroote. “Video conferencing places technological barriers between applicants and interviewers. Employers and applicants should work to reduce the barriers that arise through video conferencing and improve the interpersonal aspects of the interview process.”

But video conferencing is also successfully used for interviews. Recently, CollegeNET, Inc. partnered with China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) CollegeNET's Video Interview services to Chinese students applying to U.S. colleges and universities.

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